Entrepreneurship of Wake Up Now Membership

Wake Up Now Membership

Wake Up Now offers a subscription-based service to save money on many products and services. You could relate it to being kind of like a Costco. You pay for the membership and your get discounts via the internet for various services/products.

One comes in on two membership levels:

Customer ($24.99/mo) – gives you access to a restricted amount of membership deals in the HUB. Which is their market, so to speak.

Independent Business Owner ($99/mo) – full membership and the HUB, as well as the opportunity to sell the products.

You’re probably asking, well, what exactly are the products?

I would say pretty much anything you can use. Energy drinks, groceries, financial, traveling, software, cell phones, vacations, car rentals, vacations and so much more.

How they do this is they partnered with a tons of companies to secure outstanding deals for all their members.

They also have their own products as well.

Now, back to what happened. The previous CEO, Cochran, filed individual bankruptcy earlier this month. So, that in itself tells you he didn’t manage money well at all.

This is just like what happened to Vemma just a few weeks ago. FTC came in and shut it down. Claiming it was a pyramid scheme also.

Now, some of their products are still available, just not in the USA.

Making the Money

Now, as far as all the hype with making the money with WUN, this is what drove people to be so intrigued with this company, as with so many multi-level-marketing promises of beautiful cars, money, etc.

Even though the products are good and the services are good also, at the end of the day, this was still just another MLM.

I mean who doesn’t want to make ‘easy money’ with products that cover just about everything one uses?

Here, just take a look at the break down for the monies:

wake up now compensation plan

Check out the average incomes as a ‘leader’ in Wake Up Now:

wake up now money

So, reality is, the services and products were good. Easy compensation plan too.

But again this is where the entire MLM industry is flawed as a whole. I mean really, do you want to continue to have to chase people? You know the you get 3, and then they find 3, and they find three and bla bla bla.

This is why only 2% make decent money in ANY mlm….MLM success rates are definitely something to laugh at!

Again, not attacking WUN, just stating the truth on the MLM industry as a whole.

I’m still out of MLMs and I made 6-figures with them. I am what you call an ex-mlmer….MLM Anonymous…lol. I have built an online business that can never be taken away from the FTC or shut down or just gone….